The VORS perchlore, highly stabilised and known on the market for its grade of purity, today is available in a brand new revolutionaty package, that is to say a new container:

• made up of a new modified strong polymer which avoids the traspiration of chlorine solvents and assimilable to PET for waste disposal;
• disposable in the special garbage cans for the differentiated collection of plastic bearing PE, PET and PVC initials;
• easy to be used because of its handle and its anti-gurgling plug with quality seal;
• easily handable because of its weight of about 8 Kg;
• easy to be distibuted because it can be trasported without the need of A.D.R. within a weight of 300 kg;
• packed in a confortable box with n. 2 drums of 5 liters each.
    has been consolidating year after year through the manufacturing of high quality dry-cleaning products and water detergents with its own trademarks. Furthermore, through its large range of the WINNER® LAUNDRY ACCESSORIES, today the Company is able to guarantee a complete service and to confirm its efforts in understanding and meeting the customer’s needs.

    WINNER BLACK - Colour Protection

    A brand new product purposely thought for the treatment of coloured, dark and black
    garments, with hand-laundering and in washing-machine.
    Thanks to its particular formulation, it preserves the coulor.


    For the first time on the market, a dry-clening intensifier whch gives excellent cleaning results and able to garantee three action at the same time:

    a. clening in machine with an antistatic and wrinkle-free effect;
    b. clening in machine with hygienic and odour-free effect;
    c. usable also for spray pre-spotting or pre-brushing, soluble in water at any rate.

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